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Dynasty of Brass DVD

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Dynasty USA and The Blue Devils are very proud to introduce a powerful audio visual teaching aid titled, Dynasty of Brass. Wayne Downey and the Blue Devils brass staff have created a powerful resource for teachers and students alike. The DVD's 5.1 Surround Sound performance examples and downloadable exercises combined with the multi-angle DVD environment are being applauded as a revolution in educational media. Featuring The Blue Devils – it's an all INSPIRING AND EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE.

Download a free sample exercise:

What a great DVD production and concept. The well focused strategies to solve the problems of breathing, tone production, intonation and balance is a must-have for all serious band directors.
Art Bartner, Director Univ. of Southern California (USC) Trojan Marching Band
Wayne Downey's Dynasty of Brass DVD is without a doubt the finest educational vehicle of it's kind. It's a must purchase for every band director in the country. At Lassiter we plan to use the technique and warm-up program every day.
Alfred Watkins, Director of Bands Lassiter H.S. Marietta Georgia
We loved your DVD brass technique program! It really improved the characteristic sound of The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band.
Dr. Ken Ozzello, Director of Bands, Univ. of Alabama
Your new DVD Dynasty of Brass is a great resource for teachers and a powerful learning experience for students. The performance examples and downloadable exercises are invaluable teaching tools.
Greg Bimm, Director of Bands Marian Catholic H.S., Chicago Heights Illinois
The Dynasty of Brass DVD is now a part of our training program for Teaching Assistants and Section Leaders for the UCLA Bruin Marching Band. What a wonderful resource for band directors and student teachers.
Gordon Henderson, Director Univ. of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Bruin Marching Band
In short, Wayne Downey's Dynasty of Brass DVD is awesome. Wayne's ideas and philosophies will give each of us in the marching band business a much needed reality check in how much deeper our teaching and training techniques could be.
John Madden, Director Michigan State Univ. Spartan Marching Band
Wayne's DVD Dynasty of Brass gave me not only the "What to do" and the "How to do it" but also the "Why of doing it". Although our British-style brass band doesn't march, the concepts are so musically sound that they have been extremely beneficial for us. This DVD is a true bench mark in music education.
Dallas Niermeyer, Conductor of Prairie Brass Band, Arlington Heights, IL

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