Fresh Perspectives for the Modern Drumline




Written by Jim Casella and Murray Gusseck

Take an inside look at one of the most innovative marching percussion programs in the world! Written by head SCV percussion instructors Jim Casella and Murray Gusseck, this book will give you a complete collection of unique SCV warm-up exercises as well as several excerpts from Vanguard shows from the 1996, 97, and 98 seasons. With this product you'll be able to upgrade your current warm up program, study advanced and intricate rhythms, build chops, study different arranging techniques, and play actual SCV music!

This book is published in score form, features a full-color glossy cover, squared perfect binding, and contains tons of photographs of the SCV drumline in action!

Intermediate to advanced.

Audio samples (mp3):

Table of Contents (pdf)

Shipping is UPS Ground (2-5 days delivery)

Jim Casella & Murray Gusseck

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