Dancin' On The Time




Written by Royal Hartigan.

Tapspace teams up with consummate musician and drumset artist Royal Hartigan to produce our first ever, highly comprehensive coordination development book for drumset players based on applying rudiments and patterns around the kit. The difficulty level of dancin' on the time goes from simple to very challenging as royal explains how to exercise independence using basic stroke combinations (ruffs, paradiddles, ratamacues, single- and double-stroke rolls, etc.) in 2, 3, and 4-way style independence.

The book consists of a staggering 254 pages loaded with hundreds of examples, pictures, and text explanations. Concepts in the book can be applied across the board to any style of music, and benefits from studying this material would include vastly improved coordination, an increase in hearing on multiple levels, and a more finely-tuned ear for the melodic, timbral, and rhythmic possibilities on the drumset.

Pick up dancin' on the time and dive into what will surely become an important standard component for coordination development on the drumset!

Dancin’ on the Time comes with a special supplemental DVD containing over 3 hours of footage including explanatory breakdown examples of material from the book, a concert with royal and his group at Yoshi's Nitespot in Oakland, CA (one of the premier jazz spots on the west coast), footage of royal in Ghana, West Africa, and lots more! Click a few of the samples below to get a taste of some of this varied material.

Page Samples:

DVD Samples:

  • Level: All levels
  • Pages: 254

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Royal Hartigan

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