Drummin' 4/4 Fun - Series 5: The Drumline Book



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Written by Shawn Glyde.

This book is a comprehensive compilation of rudimental exercises and technical concepts designed for today’s marching drummer and marching percussion ensemble.

It was written to function separately as a battery technique book or with Drummin’ 4/4 Fun! Series Book 6, "The Pit Book." The exercises and page numbers in Books 5 and 6 line up page for page so that the entire ensemble (Pit and Drumline) can warmup and improve their skills together. Both Books 5 & 6 also include 5 street beat cadences for that Christmas parade or for some serious competition. Great for individuals AND ensemble use.

Section ONE - Single-hand groupings
Section TWO - Varied stick height combinations
Section THREE - Advanced Flams and paradiddles
Section FOUR - Ensemble warm-ups
Section FIVE - Ensemble Cadences (street beats)

Shawn Glyde

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