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A Young Person's Guide to Drumming - Join the Bucket Brigade
Written by Paul Locke.

At the elementary and middle school level, it is sometimes difficult to motivate percussionists to practice and learn more complicated rhythmic patterns. In 2003, Paul started composing music to be performed on a 5-gallon paint bucket and the project has been hugely successful. Students and audiences love it and these pieces provide a vehicle to teach many common rhythmic patterns in a fun and unique way. The bucket has several playing surfaces to give variety in timbre and pitch.

These exercises and bucket pieces can be used in a percussion class or concert band class at the elementary or middle school level. It is a great way to get students to improve their reading and playing of eighth note and sixteenth note patterns.

A Young Person's Guide to Drumming - Join the Bucket Brigade includes the following:

  • Instructions
  • Warmup exercises
  • Audio recordings of each solo
  • Strucket on the Bucket - Grade 1 Preview
  • Rockin' Bucket - Grade 1
  • Bucket Jam - Grade 1 1/2 Preview
  • Bucket Paradiddle - Grade 2 Preview
  • Groovet - Grade 2 Preview
  • The Lone Bucket - Grade 2 1/2 Preview

Paul Locke

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