Field Level




Mike Lynch and Scott Brown

"That biggun's the bass drum and you whack it with that triangular piece of metal."

OK... maybe you're not in the percussion-darkness THAT bad but you would like to bone-up on your percussion know-how and "Field Level" is the answer! From the 2x winners of the BOA National Grand Championships, Mike Lynch & Scott Brown (from Lassiter High School) have compiled this complete Band Director's Guide for the marching percussion section. This 216 page manual will guide you through every topic there is to help you & your percussionists build a well-balanced and competitive drum-line.

Included is a CD-Rom containing the music audio as well as printable PDF parts for the entire ensemble.

A brief breakdown:

Unit One:
Rehearsal techniques & common-sense rules.

Unit Two:
The Front Ensemble including set-up, a thorough description of the keyboards, grips (including 4-mallets) & maintenance. Electronics in the front ensemble as well as a complete timpani tutorial. Technique & descriptions for accessory percussion instruments.

Unit Three:
The Battery Section! Tuning, technique & maintenace for the snare drum, tenors, bass drums & crash cymbals. (With a brief section on cymbal visuals... YEAH!)

Unit Four:
A comprehensive exercise program for the complete ensemble.

Unit Five:
Cadence and stand grooves for the drum-line.

Get that competitive edge for your band & percussion program TODAY! Get "FIELD LEVEL"!

Mike Lynch & Scott Brown
Row-Loff Productions

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