Invader V3GR




Combining Offworld’s signature Invader Rim technology with the more traditional feel of authentic tan gum rubber.

The V3GR allows for a further augmented rebound favored by more kit-based and traditional drummers, without sacrificing proper technique.

Representing years of in-field research and innovation, the INVADER V3 boasts a slick, other-worldly design unrivaled by any other drum practice pad on the planet. Featuring a truly authentic 360º patented RIM element and our incomparable Darkmatter playing surface and presenting a revolutionary feel and articulation one must experience to believe. The INVADER heralds a paradigm shift in pro-percussion practice implements that will change the way you approach the drum, forever.

This industry-standard pro-rudiemental drum practice pad has been carefully engineered to duplicate both the physical functionality and realism of a true rudimental snare drum. This elegant and cutting edge device has been created specifically for drum and bugle corps, scottish pipe snare, orchestral and kit-based rudimental percussionists dedicated to honing their essential rudimental chops and maximizing their performance excellence, off the drum, in practice settings.

  • Features Darkmatter, Offworld's trademark synthetic playing surface
  • High-impact, industrial strength, abrasion and weather-resistant
  • Non-slip base -- which doubles as a high-definition, rimless playing surface
  • Fits perfectly into any 14" snare or snare stand
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