Contrast (battery percussion)



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Scott Hickey (winds and front ensemble) & Brady Sark (battery percussion)

Contrast is a musical statement in 5 movements that shows some of the differences, or “contrasts” in our everyday musical world.

Movement 1: Loud and Soft

The firsts contrast presented is volume levels, the most basis being Loud and Soft. These two evolve evolve over the first movement, which everyone can recognize but few realize unless the extremes are presented side by side.

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Movement 2: 4 and 3 and 2

4 and 3 and 2 merely revolve around the time signatures 4/4, 3/4, and 2/4. Simple enough, but when placed in a certain fashion, can change our musical perceptions in the most unusual ways.

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Movement 3: Low and High

Let us not forgot the role of pitch, the Low and High of the musical realm, Sopranos and basses, tenors and altos, all adding up to make the musical work more interesting and certainly more listenable.

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Movement 4: Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble, the individual versus the group. Always an important factor in musical composition and the audience enjoyment as well. Take a listen - see which one stands out in your ear.

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Movement 5: Minor And Major

Major and minor keys can emotionally decide what you are hearing, especially in so-called movie music. They set the tone and mood for the listener, and this movement is no exception. Can you hear which is which?

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  • Snare
  • Tenors
  • Basses
Scott Hickey & Brady Sark

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