#1: Tips on Selecting a Marching Band Show for Your Band

Inevitably, just before football and marching band season begin band directors across the country find themselves with the daunting task of picking a marching band show. If you're one of the lucky directors that are Internet savvy you've probably already logged online with your trusty browser hoping that Google or any of the other popular search engines will aid you in this annual endeavor. But, if you haven't logged on yet and you're dreading that arduous search or haven't the slightest idea where the power switch for your computer is, you're in luck.

Selecting a show that's appropriate for your budget, students abilities and socio-economic area would seem to me the logical place to start. With that in mind, I polled some of the brightest minds in the marching band activity and asked them what they considered the most important factors in selecting a marching band show.

Here's a compilation of their thoughts for you to use as a "Guide to Success" in selecting a show that's best suited for your marching band.

  • Is the price right?
  • Is the difficulty level appropriate for the experience level in each of your sections?
  • Are instrumentation and size options available?
  • Are there modified parts for beginners and inexperienced players?
  • Is the arranger/composer known for his/her expertise in marching band design?
  • Is drill included with drill charts and animation?
  • Is Local, Regional & Bands of America Regional Championship protection available?
  • Is the music accessible, will your hometown audience enjoy listening to it?
  • Will the program provide your group with the opportunity for competitive success?
  • Is the musical style and show appropriate for your socio-economic area?
  • Are MP3's and audio files of samples used in the arrangement included?
  • Are practice tools (MP3's for individual rehearsal) available?
  • Is the show an original composition or an arrangement of copyrighted music?
  • Can you afford the Licensing costs?
  • Will your students enjoy performing the show?

Now that you're armed with all the information you'll need to make an informed decision, it's time to start your search....

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