P.E.T.E. - Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser

Brass playing is an art and a skill. It is also a physical activity which requires not only breath control, but a steadfast embouchure that will not break down before the end of a performance.

Professional Quarterbacks throw the football great distances with accuracy. They do this by practicing their skills on the field. What we don’t see is the time spent in the gym preparing the muscle groups needed so that they can practice these skills. Engaging in either one of these activities in excess is less effective than doing both in balance.

Use P.E.T.E. as an adjunct tool to assist you in becoming a better brass player!

What's the difference between the Plastic and Silver model? The main difference is weight. The plastic model is much lighter than the plated brass models. The extra weight of the silver version (the most popular model) enhances the workout when supporting the small end of it in your chops. The Plastic P.E.T.E. is made of black delrin.

The P.E.T.E. PRO is an advanced-level isometric strengthening tool to be used by experienced altissimo players. It is important that users have well-developed embouchure strength and/or previous experience with the P.E.T.E. for Brass before using this model. Players who are required to regularly play in the extreme upper register, or those who have reached a plateau in their efforts with the original P.E.T.E. will find that the P.E.T.E. PRO provides them with the additional challenge they’re looking for. We have researched the effectiveness of this new developmental tool by sending it out to select professional players, and have received enthusiastic reports. The P.E.T.E PRO disk is about 5/8" in diameter, compared to the approximately 3/4" disk of the P.E.T.E. for Brass. The P.E.T.E. PRO is machined from brass and available in silver or gold plate.

Placing the disk behind the lips and pulling the exerciser forward prompts an isometric response from the muscles of the lips, preparing them for the forces encountered in brass playing. The P.E.T.E. directly targets the exact muscles that tire toward the end of a performance. These are the muscles which prevent the lips from falling into the cup, blowing apart, and losing the buzz.

Exercise 1 - Builds power and stamina:
Place the disk end of the P.E.T.E. behind your lips, in front of your teeth. Gently pull the exerciser forward with your thumb and forefinger. You will feel the disc pulling your lips away from your teeth. Resist this action with your lip muscles. Use your common sense and instincts to regulate this “tug-of-war”. You will quickly feel the muscles of your chops responding to the challenge. They may feel warm as new blood is summoned to the area. Stop and take a break from this isometric workout if a burning feeling occurs. Patience is required when building muscular strength.

Exercise 2 - Strengthens the muscle groups needed to increase range:
Place the narrow end of the P.E.T.E. between your lips, in front of the teeth. Squeeze the P.E.T.E. from all directions with your chops.

Note: It is not necessary to let go of the P.E.T.E. to support it solely with your chops. The important action here is an omni directional squeeze toward the center. Remember that the P.E.T.E. is a tool to assist you with your playing and not an end in itself. It is possible to replicate this action without the P.E.T.E. but it is a good “prop” to remind you to add this type of exercise to your daily routine.

For years I've preached to my students that strengthening the muscles of the face associated with the formation of the embouchure will greatly improve their power, endurance and flexibility as well as their ability to play in the center of both pitch and tone which we all know are the basic tenets of a great sound and an incredible range.

Now, with the advent of P.E.T.E. (Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser) there's no need for the coins, straws and pencils of yesteryear. The Isometric exerciser of the 21st century has arrived.

My students Love It, You will Too!!

There's nothing better than adding P.E.T.E. to your daily practice regime to gain strength and muscular control of your embouchure for that beautiful tone quality and sizzling range you've been striving to achieve your entire life.

Don't wait anymore, buy one now!!!
Wayne Downey, XtremeBrass.com
I have been using the regular P.E.T.E. ever since Terry introduced me to it years ago. It has become one of my “Don’t leave home without it” tools. In the years of using it, I've found that I have to be careful not to overuse it as it really gives the muscles surrounding the lips a workout. Then came the new “P.E.T.E. PRO.” This new P.E.T.E. has a smaller disc that concentrates the workout spot on your embouchure without over taxing the orbicularis oris (muscles around lips). I highly recommend the P.E.T.E. PRO. It will help maintain your endurance on the days off, and it will help you build strength and power with your daily practice."
Eric Miyashiro, Trumpet
The P.E.T.E. helps strengthen the muscles we use to make an embouchure. I have started using the P.E.T.E. to train those muscles that surround the mouthpiece. The P.E.T.E. is the only tool that can isolate those muscles. I use the P.E.T.E. on vacation, late at night, and whenever I need to warm-up in silence. Buzzing on your mouthpiece coupled with embouchure strengthening with the P.E.T.E. will improve your endurance and flexibility.
Alberto G. Suarez, Principal Horn, Kansas City Symphony
As I work with some of the top name touring groups on a regular basis, (Bob James, Wayne Newton, Frank Sinatra, Jr, Gladys Knight, Linda Ronstadt, Johnny Mathis, Allen Vizutti for example), I have to be "on my game" at a moments notice. P.E.T.E allows me to keep the muscles in shape that I need to perform at the highest standards all the time. I love it!
Dan Jacobs, danjacobsmusic.com
I have now made using the P.E.T.E. a part of my daily routine and I am developing a set of isometric exercises to use before and after using the P.E.T.E. It is working marvelously in tandem with my Casual Double High C method. I am enthusiastically recommending it to all my brass playing friends and students!
Bob Odneal, bobodneal.com
The P.E.T.E. is the greatest invention for the development of range and endurance to come along in decades. If you use it on a daily basis for only 5-10 minutes a day you are going to notice significant gains in range (I have increased my range by a perfect 4th) but most significant is what it will do for your endurance. With only 10 minutes of use on a daily basis in addition to your normal practice routine you will be amazed at how much longer you will be able to play before fatigue sets in.

I use it everyday in my car on my drive to work. Absolutely incredible isometric embouchure development tool!! Highly recommend!!