Scale Your Way To Music Assessment - Book and CD



by Paul Kimpton and Delwyn Harnisch

Scale Your Way to Music Assessment is a hands-on, step-by-step action plan for using assessment to improve your teaching and your students’ performances.

This book and CD-ROM describe in detail how to teach students to become not only accurate and consistent assessors of musical performance, but how to meaningfully self- and peer-assess and set goals for practicing and improving the performance of a group. Authors Paul Kimpton and Del Harnisch show you how to:

  • Generate a list of musical skills
  • Define goals
  • Build an assessment inventory
  • Formulate assessments
  • Collect data

...and more, all with the goal of empowering learners and educators with assessment. The extensive range of topics covered includes:

  • Tips on developing performance assessments
  • Music department goals and how they align with district goals
  • How to develop written assessments
  • Tips on test writing
  • Writing course goals
  • Sample written questions
  • Helping a program realize its vision
  • Test-making programs
  • Developing performance assessments
  • Test assessment software
  • Writing course objectives
  • State and national standards
  • How to develop listening assessments
  • School and district goals
  • How to involve students in taking responsibility for improving skill

Also included are six extensive appendixes with actual written and listening tests, outlines of a four-year testing program for band, choir, and orchestra, a listing of websites and email addresses, a glossary of terms, and more. The accompanying CD-ROM includes sample data, tests, music examples, and reference material.

Everything you need to begin developing a quality music assessment program is right here.

Paul Kimpton is Director of Bands and Department Chair of Hinsdale South High School in Darien, Illinois.

Delwyn Harnisch is Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Paul Kimpton & Delwyn Harnisch

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