Move Well, Avoid Injury DVD



by Barbara Conable

Learn what everyone needs to know about the body in order to move well and avoid injury with this information rich DVD consisting of 50 sections that can easily be used as reference. For example, through the teaching of weight delivery and the places of balance viewers are shown how arm movement, including that of the shoulders, elbows and wrists can be made more efficient and easy in relation to your entire body. You will learn how knowledge of the anatomical structure of the arms, wrists and hands can help prevent common injuries and how the legs function in walking only in coordination with the entire body. You will also learn how the movement of breathing works based on accurate anatomical information to enhance movement in both everyday activities and in more strenuous ones.

This DVD is a resource that you will refer to again and again as you learn to move well and avoid injury.

Running Time: 2:06

Barbara Conable

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