Simply Rhythm - Book and CD



by Megan G. Von Dreau

George Gershwin wrote: I Got Rhythm! But how does someone "get" rhythm? Getting the basic concepts of rhythm is now much easier thanks to Simply Rhythm. Simply Rhythm is a proven instructional aid that will help students - even those with absolutely no musical background - quickly and intuitively understand the rhythmic language.

Using clear, easy-to-understand text and a unique hands-on format, Simply Rhythm explains the spatial relationship of musical note values by using visual representations of note lengths. Putting together notes of different values suddenly seems as simple and obvious as arranging greens, yellows, reds and other colors. Teachers will enjoy the many "Ah-Ha!" moments from students as the pieces fall into place.

Simply Rhythm can be used either to introduce beginning students to the world of rhythm, or to reinforce concepts for more advanced students.

Just a few of the many dilemmas solved by Simply Rhythm:

  • How many eighth notes fit in a half note?
  • What are all those crazy lines above the notes?
  • What on earth is compound meter?
  • What does that tiny dot do?
  • How do I figure out this difficult rhythm at home without my teacher?
  • How fast is a sixteenth note?
  • I can't draw a tricky little quarter note rest!
  • Holy cow, this song has 10/16 in it! What is that? I'm going to die.
  • I can sing this great rhythm, but I don't know how to write it down.

Includes lessons, rhythm shapes and CD.

  • 1 whole note
  • 1 dotted half note
  • 2 half notes
  • 2 dotted quarter notes
  • 4 quarter notes
  • 4 dotted eighth notes
  • 8 eighth notes
  • 16 sixteenth notes
  • (all in a handy pouch)

CD includes audio examples and PDF files of reproducible worksheets.

Megan G. Von Dreau

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