Custom Band Warm Up Vol. 1: Percussion Supplement



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Music by Wayne R. Downey
Percussion By: Shawn Glyde

Band Directors without an assistant or a large drum staff will love this percussion supplement to Wayne’s standard setting technique program titled: Custom Band Warm Up Volume 1: Technique Essentials. Note: This package is included with the purchase of Custom Band Warm Up Vol 1.

Included you'll find:

  • One-handed gradual warm ups with dynamics
  • Double beat exercises
  • Flam breakdowns
  • Timing patterns
  • Extended roll patterns
  • Advanced hybrid flam rudiments
  • Triplet grid type exercises
  • Bass drum split patterns and stacked unison patterns
  • Power diddles
  • Tenor scrapes and crossovers
  • Isolated flam control exercises

The instrumentation includes:

  • Snares
  • Quads
  • 5 Basses
  • Cymbals
  • Mallet Keyboards (Grand Staff reduction)

This supplement has been created to maximize the amount of time you have in your rehearsal day by combining the warm up and technical development of both the wind and percussion ensembles into one. Have your symphonic or marching band benefit from the revolutionary approach of this "State of the Art Technique Program." It'll quickly transform the beginning of your rehearsal into an efficient, quick-paced learning experience for all your students.

Wayne Downey & Shawn Glyde

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