Custom Drill Design for Indoor Percussion



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A Custom Drill Design can be created for Any Indoor Percussion Show offered in our XtremeBrass & Percussion catalog.

Have our staff of professional drill designers craft a Custom Designed Drill for your Indoor Percussion Ensemble. The show will be written for the exact number of snares, tenors, bass drums and cymbal players as well as any additional auxiliary performers you might have in your group. The quoted price includes drill design for 4 snares, 2 tenors, 5 bass drums and 4 cymbals. Larger indoor percussion ensembles can e-mail to inquire on pricing for your group's size/instrumentation.

XtremePercussion In 3D

"XtremeBrass & Percussion" has teamed up with "Pyware" to make available to all customers who purchase a "Custom Designed Drill" a 3D movie of the drill powered by "Pyware's" amazing 3D Drill Software. The 3D Movie is perfectly synched to the music of the show that you purchased and can also include these fabulous extras.
  • 3D Real View
    Flag and weapon tosses, visuals, customizable uniforms and marching styles
  • Prop Independence
    Props can be carried by a performer or moved and rotated on their own
  • New Prop Shapes
    Spheres, Vertical Circles, Flat Circles, Cylinders and multi-sided boxes with independant sides

Now How Cool Is That???

Check It Out NOW!!!

Here's a sample of "The Hidden Codes of DaVinci" Music by Dave Glyde, Drill by Preston Howard.

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