Edge Of The Earth



This product is electronically distributed.

By Shawn Glyde

Grade Level: High School Class A and Jr. High

Edge Of The Earth is a great introductory show that takes the audience on an intriguing journey from start to finish. The lyrical vocal samples that start and end the show add an element of surrealism. With strong visual imagery throughout, this show is a complete package!



  • Snare Line
  • Tenors (quints)
  • Bass Drums (4 or 5)
  • Cymbal Line
  • Marimba 1-4
  • Vibe 1-4
  • Synth 1
  • Synth 2
  • Drum Set (optional)
  • Additional Percussion instruments (ie; sus cym, gong, concert bass drum, wind gong, Djembe) have been written into the Mallet Keyboard parts
Easy (A Class)

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