Human Verses Machine



This product is electronically distributed.

Composed by Dave Glyde & Vince Oliver

Grade Level: World (Advanced)

In a world of the ever increasing power of Machines, the drum show "Human Verses Machine" introduces the audience to a dark future where Machines have rendered the Human existence useless and unimportant. The show focuses on the fight between Humans and Machines and the idea that a Human is no longer needed to make anything seem real. The show starts in 12,090 A.D. where Machines dominate the world and humans are seen struggling for their survival and relevance.



  • 4 Marimba
  • 4 Vibes
  • Xylophone/Bells
  • Timpani (optional)
  • Bass Guitar (optional)
  • 2 Synthesizers
  • 2 Rack Percussion (optional)
  • Snare Line
  • Tenor Line
  • Bass Drum Line
  • Cymbal Line
Dave Glyde
Advanced (World Class)

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