The Hidden Codes of Da Vinci



This product is electronically distributed.

Composed by Dave Glyde.

Grade Level: Open/World (Medium Difficulty to Advanced)

Inspired by the now world famous story of 'The Da Vinci Code', where the race is on to decipher a secret and ancient code with a trail of clues hidden in the art work and life of Leonardo da Vinci. Clues visible for all to see yet ingeniously disguised by the painter. "Secret Societies" battle each other from Morocco, through the cathedrals and castles of Europe, and beyond to break the code and decipher this labyrinthine puzzle who's discovery would rock the very foundations of modern civilization. Make a complete package come alive with visual "Symbology" from the best know sculptures and masterpiece works of art through the ages. Use this powerful visual and conceptual hook of hidden meaning while simultaneously adding fascinating and tantalizingly intricate layers of musical mystery and intrigue as the show weaves its way through to breaking the code. Music is explosive, effective and highly stylized to express the different atmospheres and various locations of adventure in this race to unveil the astonishing truth that has been concealed for centuries. Full of high energy, modern expressive drumming with virtuosic and very lyrical pit moments.


Also available: Drill design.


  • Snares
  • Quads (5 or 6 drums)
  • 5 Basses
  • Hand Cymbals
  • Bells/Chimes
  • Bells/Crotales
  • 1 Xylophone
  • 2 Vibes
  • 2 Marimbas
  • Electric Bass
  • Timpani
  • 2 Percussion
  • 1 Synthesizer (2 Synth Option)
Dave Glyde
Intermediate-Advanced (World Class)

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