Water Music No.1 Suite in F



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Music By: George F. Handel
Arranged By: Wayne Downey

This piece was originally arranged for "Odyssey" one of the many stage shows Wayne has had the privilege of writing for.

"Odyssey" is a dynamic and dramatic pageantry of music, movement and skill performed in a theater and is unlike anything you have ever seen before. This "Music Motion Theater" could be categorized as a new musical genre on the same scope as marching band, drum corps and winter color guard.

"Water Music No.1 Suite in F" was originally scored for all brass however this new arrangement artfully blends woodwinds and brass into a colorful landscape of texture and tonal color. I think you'll find it very useful as an educational tool for developing ensemble balance & blend as the melody cleverly shifts from one choir to the other seamlessly. The percussion scoring is very tasty and allows the drummers to learn to be percussionist and shape musical phrases expressively. The arrangement concludes with a rousing rendition of the main theme in a full ensemble setting. Sure to be a favorite at concerts and the classroom.

Great musical literature is hard to find these days and this piece is a classic. You'll find this arrangement a quick study for any concert you're preparing for and will easily accompany a variety of musical styles and idioms.

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This arrangement can also be found in the "XtremeMarching & Playing Technique" bundle.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate
Performance Time - 1:30


  • Flute
  • 3 Clarinets in Bb
  • Alto Sax
  • Tenor Sax
  • Baritone Sax
  • 3 Trumpets in Bb
  • 2 French Hn/Mellophones
  • 2 Trombones
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Snare
  • Quint Toms
  • Bass Drums (3-4-5)
  • Cymbals
  • Xylophone
  • Vibraphone
  • Marimba
  • Orchestra Bells
Wayne Downey
Intermediate (Open Class)

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