A New Creation (battery percussion)



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Scott Hickey (winds and front ensemble) & Brady Sark (battery percussion)

A New Creation musically conveys the artist mentality of the creation of a new work, hopefully and egotistically a masterpiece. The artist stares at the blank canvas, and begins to envision where the paint will lead.

Movement 1: Starting from a Blank Canvas begins in a haunting fashion as the ideas begin to flow. Joyfully these ideas begin to take form and shape in a 12/8 time burst of radiance. Yet sometimes doubts can creep into the artistic mind, but fully resolve into the passion that translates onto the canvas.


Movement 2: A Path of Colors gives time for reflection in a pensive way, with the wonderment of simplicity and design. Fully invested in the process, the artist can rest, knowing that all is moving in the imaginative direction.


Movement 3: True Masterpiece brings the work into focus for the first time. Trying to decide whether or not this is a worthy addition to the artist collection, the work settles into a question and answer session that concludes that what is here will flow and inspire on all levels.



  • Snare
  • Tenors
  • Basses
Scott Hickey & Brady Sark

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