Hansel and Gretel (battery percussion)



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Scott Hickey (winds and front ensemble) & Brady Sark (battery percussion)

Hansel & Gretel tells the famous tale of the brother (clarinet solo) and sister (flute solo) as they wander into the adventure of their young lives.

Movement 1: Breadcrumbs portrays the happy-go-lucky duo as they set out for the forest, a beautiful day ahead of them. Or so they think. But just in cast they might get lost, they deposit a trail of crumbs behind them... just in case.


Movement 2: Along the Path provides a desultory and pensive mood as the brother and sister seem a bit skeptical of their decision for adventure. They stay close, as if something might be lurking slightly beyond the bend.


Movement 3: Gingerbread Lunch brings back the happier moments the kids felt at the beginning of their journey, especially after coming upon a house make of gingerbread, and the strange lady (baritone saxophone solo) who lives there. Yet things seem to be going wrong as something here is somehow out of place.


Movement 4: Happily Ever After allows the children to escape from becoming lunch without harm, and they head back to their secure and safe home on the edge of the woods. Adventure is a good thing, as long as you stay away from danger.



  • Snare
  • Tenors
  • Basses
Scott Hickey & Brady Sark

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