Floor Covers (Pyware 3D plugin)




The Floor Covers Plug-in is for the designer or director who has a need for floor covers or any performing surface that needs special markings, such as basketball courts and soccer fields. The Floor Covers Plug-in comes complete with a standard junior high basketball court, standard high school and college basketball courts, NBA basketball court, standard 100yd x 55yd soccer field, and a standard 120yd x 75yd soccer field. You can create your own floor cover with any image editing program that saves "jpg" files. On the display, the floor covering is layered under a grid layout that can be changed using the 3D Grid Designer, so you have complete control over how a floor covering is marked off.

Multiple floor covers can be used, and transparency can be set for all floor covers on a file. Floors can be moved by performers in a drill, should they need to be repositioned during a performance.

NOTE: Requires Pyware 3D drill software.

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