Virtual Drumline 2.5.5




Virtual Drumline has made its mark as the industry standard for marching and concert percussion sounds. Composers, percussionists, studio musicians, and educators alike will discover a sonic onslaught of variety in Virtual Drumline, featuring the world champion percussion section of the Santa Clara Vanguard. Using Virtual Drumline along with your favorite music composition software will arm you with an enormous palette of percussive possibilities.

Virtual Drumline is not just about marching drums. Its huge collection of orchestral, world, effect, drumset, rhythm section, and drumline instruments are programmed with virtually any articulations and playing techniques imaginable. Enhanced multi-sampled velocity layers, attack/release and EQ control, multiple mallet selections, rolls, glissandi, solos and ensembles, and automatic RH/LH alternations are but a few of the powerful features programmed into the VDL instrument collection.

The entire VDL library integrates seamlessly into Native Instruments' powerful Kontakt Player software (included). There is no need to purchase a separate sampler program. This player is capable of loading up to 64 channels of MIDI in stand-alone mode or can be run as a VSTi, AU, DXi, or RTAS plug-in within various music applications. It is a Universal application compatible with Intel/G5 Macs or Windows and will incorporate seamlessly into Sibelius or Finale, which both come with built-in support for Kontakt Player.

Visit our list of frequently asked questions about Virtual Drumline.

Since Finale (2009 or newer) ships included with a small sub-set of "VDLite" instruments from VDL, you may have already tapped into what it sounds like. There's a whole lot more to be found in the full version of VDL 2.5, though. Click here to see how the full version of VDL compares to what comes with Finale.


  • Now integrated into Native Instruments’ powerful Kontakt Player 2 engine
  • Universal application for Mac-Intel speed and compatibility
  • Load up to 64 channels in stand-alone mode
  • Save multi’s for easy loading of projects
  • Host VDL instruments alongside other Kontakt Player 2 formatted libraries in the same player
  • New instruments – steel drum orchestra (lead pan, double seconds, triple guitar, 6-piece bass pan set), rhythm section (piano, guitar, bass guitar), waterphone, showband single tenors, swish knockers, typewriter
  • Instrument Bank support
  • Enhanced velocity control for more natural accent/tap sensitivity
  • More specialized controls for enhanced customization on each instrument (EQ control, attack/release control, Auxilliary send levels)
  • Monitor Mod-Wheel or Keyswitch settings onscreen
  • Much improved DFD (direct from disc) streaming functionality
  • Unlimited polyphony
  • Rack view and minimized view
  • Integrated effects
  • Searchable electronic documentation
  • New NI Service Center application to manage activations and updates


  • Bell Tree
  • Brake Drums
  • Castanet Machine
  • Castanets All
  • Castanets RoseWood Hand
  • Claves Pearl Synthetic
  • Claves Rosewood
  • Cowbells
  • Finger Cymbals
  • Guiro
  • Maracas Rawhide
  • Metal Guiro
  • Rainsticks All
  • Rainsticks Cactus
  • Rainsticks Plastic
  • Ratchet
  • Egg Shaker
  • Ganza
  • Shaker Metal Canister
  • Shaker Plastic
  • Shakers All
  • Slapsticks
  • Sleighbells All
  • Sleighbells Chrome
  • Sleighbells Dark Brass
  • Rock Tambourine
  • Tambourine Orchestral
  • Triangle Able 6in.
  • Triangle Grover 6in
  • Triangle Grover 9in.
  • Water Triangle
  • Vibra Slaps
  • Granite Blocks (AutoRL MW)
  • Jam Blocks
  • Temple Blocks (AutoRL MW)
  • Woodblocks Three


  • Chimes Hammer (MW)
  • Chimes LoXtnsion
  • Chimes XyloCap
  • Chimes XyloTube

Chimes with Sustain Pedal Control

  • Chimes Hammer (PED)
  • Chimes LoXtnsion (PED)
  • Chimes XyloCap (PED)
  • Chimes XyloTube (PED)

Combination Instruments

  • BD and Tam Tam
  • Finale Marching Perc Map
  • General MIDI Set
  • Latin Combo (AutoRL)
  • Metal Combo (AutoRL)
  • Rack Combo A (AutoRL)
  • Rack Combo B (AutoRL)

Cymbals (hand)

  • CrCym 16in Symph
  • CrCym 18in Constnople
  • CrCym 18in Viennese
  • CrCym 20in Germanic

Cymbals (suspended)

  • China Cym 14in
  • China K 19in
  • Chinas All (MW)
  • Hi Hat (MW)
  • Hi Hat Manual
  • Oriental Trash 18in
  • Ride Cymbal
  • Sizzle Cymbal
  • Splash Cyms
  • SusCym 15 K Zildjian
  • SusCym 18 Constantnople
  • SusCym 20 Constantnople
  • Swish Knockers (MW)
  • Zil-Bels Hi Lo

DrumLine Basses

  • BassLine AutoRL (MW KS)
  • BassLine Manual (MW KW)
  • BassLine Manual LITE (MW KS)
  • BassLine VDL1 (MW)

DrumLine Cymbals

  • Cymbal Line 16in
  • Cymbal Line 18in
  • Cymbal Line 20in
  • Cymbal Line All (MW)
  • Cymbal Line VDL1

DrumLine Snares

  • SnareLine (AutoRL)
  • SnareLine Manual (MW)
  • SnareLine Manual LITE (MW)
  • SnareLine VDL1 (MW)
  • Solo Kevlar Snare (MW)
  • Solo Mylar Snare (MW)

DrumLine Tenors

  • Showstyle Single Tenors
  • TenorLine (AutoRL) (MW KS)
  • TenorLine Manual (MW KS)
  • TenorLine Manual LITE (MW KS)
  • TenorLine VDL1 (MW)
  • Tenor Solo Manual (MW KS)


  • Concert Bass Drum
  • Concert Toms Full (MW)
  • Concert Toms Mallets
  • Concert Toms Sticks
  • Impact Drums
  • Roto Toms
  • Concert Snare
  • Field Drum
  • Firecracker Drum


  • Drumset AutoRL (KS)
  • Drumset Basic (KS)
  • General MIDI Set


  • Air Raid Siren
  • Bell Plates
  • Birds Meinl
  • Cricket
  • Earth Plate
  • Energy Chimes (MW)
  • Flexatones
  • Frogs
  • Garden Weasel
  • Hand Claps
  • Marching Machine
  • Metronome
  • Ocean Drum
  • Propane Tank
  • Ribbon Crasher
  • Tang Tangs
  • Thundersheet
  • Trash Can
  • Typewriter Manual
  • VibraTones
  • Waterphone

Glockenspiels & Crotales

  • Crotales Aluminum (MW)
  • Crotales Bright (MW)
  • Crotales MedPlast (MW)
  • Glock Brass
  • Glock Bright Plastic
  • Glock Med Plastic


  • Bowed Gongs
  • Chinese Gong 12in
  • Circus Gong
  • Fuyin Gong
  • Jing Gong
  • Opera Gong 10in
  • Pasi Gong 12in
  • TamTam 30in European
  • TamTam 34in Zildjian
  • Wind Gong 22in
  • Wind Gong 30in


  • Marimba RoseW Birch
  • Marimba RoseW Hard (MW)
  • Marimba RoseW Hard LITE (MW)
  • Marimba RoseW Med (MW)
  • Marimba RoseW Med LITE (MW)
  • Marimba RoseW Soft (MW)
  • Marimba RoseW Soft LITE (MW)
  • Marimba Syn Birch
  • Marimba Syn Hard (MW)
  • Marimba Syn Hard LITE (MW)
  • Marimba Syn Med (MW)
  • Marimba Syn Med LITE (MW)
  • Marimba Syn Soft (MW)
  • Marimba Syn Soft LITE (MW)

Rhythm Section

  • Bass Guitar
  • Electric Guitar (MW KS)
  • Piano (PED)

Steel Drums

  • SteelDrum 3 Guitar (MW)
  • SteelDrum 6 Bass (MW)
  • SteelDrum Double 2nds (MW)
  • SteelDrum Lead (MW)


  • Timpani FX
  • Timpani Glissandi
  • Timpani Hard (MW)
  • Timpani Hard LITE (MW)
  • Timpani Med (MW)
  • Timpani Med LITE (MW)
  • Timpani Soft (MW)
  • Timpani Soft LITE (MW)


  • Bowed Vibes
  • Vibe FX
  • Vibes Hard (MW)
  • Vibes Hard LITE (MW)
  • Vibes Med (MW)
  • Vibes Med LITE (MW)
  • Vibes Rattan
  • Vibes Soft (MW)
  • Vibes Soft LITE (MW)

Vibes with Sustain Pedal Control

  • Vibes Hard (PED)
  • Vibes Med (PED)
  • Vibes Soft (PED)


  • Drum Major
  • Vocals

Whistles and Bird Calls (in Effects)

  • Acme Siren
  • Audibon Bird Call
  • Nightingale Audibon Combo
  • Nightingale Whistle
  • Police Whistle
  • Slide Whistle

Wind Chimes

  • Patio Chimes
  • Treeworks Double Row
  • Treeworks Echo Chimes
  • Treeworks Single Row
  • Treeworks WChimes All
  • WChimes with Mallet

World Percussion

  • Agogo Bells
  • Ankle Bells
  • Anklung
  • Bongos (AutoRL)
  • Bongos Manual
  • Cabasa High
  • Cabasa Low
  • Cabasas Hi and Low
  • Congas (AutoRL)
  • Congas Manual
  • Djembe 14in
  • Djembe Big
  • Shakerines
  • Shekere
  • Taiko Drum
  • Timbales (AutoRL)
  • Timbales Manual


  • Xylo Bright (MW)
  • Xylo Bright LITE (MW)
  • Xylo Med Dark (MW)
  • Xylo Med Dark LITE (MW)
  • Xylo Rattan
  • Xylo Rubber (MW)
  • Xylo Rubber LITE (MW)


  • (KS) - Instrument contains Keyswitch functions
  • (MW) - Instrument contains special features controlled by Mod-Wheel
  • (AutoRL) - Instrument uses "Auto Right/Left" feature to automatically rotate between right and left handed strokes
  • (PED) - Instrument may be controlled via standard sustain pedal
  • Manual - Instrument allows manual user-control over right and left-hand strokes
  • LITE - Instrument is streamlined to help conserve system resources

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