Slurring Basics (Treble Clef)



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Learn to Slur with "Slurring Basics"

These unique exercises were specifically designed to aid in teaching Beginning and Intermediate brass players how to slur by focusing on the fundamentals of brass technique and tone production.Learn the mechanics of slurring with "Slurring Basics"

"Slurring Basics" comes complete with excerpts from "XtremeBrass Technique" A comprehensive method of instruction by Wayne Downey designed to develop all aspects of brass technique.

Slurring with ease just became a breeze with "Slurring Basics"

Thousands of brass players have already benefited from Wayne's "Etude of the Month" so don't wait, be the first at your school to "Come in Touch with the Future of Brass Technique" by purchasing "Slurring Basics".

Wayne Downey

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