Let It Rip DVD




9 Solos for Snare Drum Ranging from Beginning to Advanced.

Tapspace teams up with champion snare drummer Danny Raymond to bring you a complete package of solos for snare drum that will educate and challenge ANY level of player. From complete beginner to veritable Zen mastery, Danny progresses through a multitude of skills with nine different pieces, each of which is accompanied on the DVD by detailed transcriptions, suggested warm-ups, and program notes.

A complete Tips & Tricks section takes you through the showmanship elements of rudimental snare soloing step by step. Learn flips, fakes, twirls, tosses, backsticking, and brush tricks. The Special Features section includes onscreen exercise demonstrations, interviews with Danny, drum descriptions with commentary, and more!

For any aspiring snare drummer, whether you're preparing for a state solo contest or gearing up for your DCI Championship I&E solo, Let It Rip will have something for you. With nine different solos on five different snare drums, complete with transcriptions, exercises, and everything else you'll need, study with a true master and become one yourself!

Danny Raymond

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