Improv Games for One Player



by Jeffrey Agrell

A very concise collection of musical games for one classical musician.

This book is intended for all musicians...would be quite useful for classical musicians with a good grounding in music theory that want to get experience improvising in a way that builds upon traditional classical music education...would also be valuable for instructors of all levels because it provides good exercises for improvisiation that can be as simple or as complicated as needed.

-- Daniel Brown, reviewer
ITEA Journal, Vol. 37, No. 4, Summer 2010

Improv Games for One Player is an addictive book of musical games designed to help you be more expressive and musical in your music-making. This slender book should fit in just about every case with enough room to transport a sheet of music paper, but still contains plenty of games to enliven and enrich a player’s daily technical and musical practice. About half of this material is drawn from the original Improvisational Games for Classical Musicians, and half from new, previously unpublished material collected and invented by the author.

Who should improvise? All instrumentalists and vocalists. Everybody. No experience in improvisation necessary!

When should you improvise? Now. Every day. As much as possible.

  1. Open book
  2. Get idea
  3. Close book
  4. Play...and play...and play
Jeffrey Agrell

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