Improvisation in the Music Classroom



by Edwin E. Gordon

With Improvisation in the Music Classroom, author Edwin E. Gordon, one of the world’s foremost experts in the fields of music aptitude, music education, and audiation, offers a compelling case for expanding today’s general music curriculum to include improvisation.

And with this book, Dr. Gordon provides the sequential tools general music teachers and students need to begin improvising.

Beginning with rhythm, Dr. Gordon thoroughly explains improvisation and then makes practical suggestions for classroom learning. He continues with lessons in tonalities, melodic patterns, harmonic patterns, harmonic improvisation, and advanced harmonic improvisation. The book concludes with suggestions for making the transition from vocal improvisation to instrumental improvisation.

A full glossary of terms and a complete index are also included.

Based on Dr. Gordon’s own observational and experimental research, this book takes the intimidation out of improvising and provides practical and fun education exercises to help students become ready to improvise.

Simply a must-read for any general music educator.

Edwin Gordon

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