Strands of Time (solo snare drum)




Written by Brian Blume for solo snare drum.

Strands of Time is a marching snare drum solo written specifically for the concert hall by Brian Blume. It is accompanied by a pre-recorded audio soundscape which weaves the acoustic sound into a futuristic digital realm. The title refers to the idea of multiple strands (or threads) of live and electronic music that intertwine and blend to create a unified whole. The piece requires precise tempo mastery and rudimental control. Accompaniment is provided in digital audio format and a variety of setup suggestions are given.

Score includes a CD-Rom containing audio accompaniment files and various setup suggestions.

Instrumentation: Marching snare drum, TSS drum, in-ear headphones, PA system (audio configuration suggestions are included)

  • Level: Advanced
  • Pages: 12
  • Duration: 4:45

Shipping is UPS Ground (2-5 days delivery)

Brian Blume

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