The Masks of Sorcery



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Chris Morshead and Dave Glyde

Grade Level: Jr. High (For the Beginning Drum Line)

The Mask calls to whomever is in possession of it. The Mask is used to cover up the face... the ‘real person you are.’ They assume that the Mask brings knowledge, confidence, and power. They assume it will bring a brand new face to their life...or will it? The most coveted and imposing power behind the Mask is truth; truth of what each and ever person is trying to hide in the first place. The Masks of Sorcery is a Junior High School category show. Contained in the music is a high degree of musical and physical demand on the Jr scale, not only for the individual player but also for the full ensemble as well.



  • 2-4 Marimbas (2 and Opt. 4 mallet)
  • 2-3 Vibes
  • 1 Xylophone
  • 1 Bell/Glock
  • 1 Chime
  • 3 Synth/Piano
  • 2-4 Aux Percussion
  • Snare
  • Quints
  • 5 Bass Drums
  • Marching Cymbals (Can be played by Aux Perc if needed)

Different color masks should be used during the different sections of the show. A huge amount of visual possibilities are already woven in to the concept and story line of this show!

Dave Glyde
Beginner (A Class)

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